Happy New Year – Skiing 2015


Happy New Year Friends!

I hope our 2015 is filled with love and new experiences. I had a new experience right away on the 1st. I went skiing down the hill for the first time, with my family, and they were all pros. (I have done a little bit of cross-country skiing with my friend Erin Harris before) It was such a fun time. I started in the bunny hill, and after a while I tried the bigger, but still easier ones. I didn’t fall a single time, which was super surprising for me, hahah. But I did fall getting off the lift a few times. Skiing takes practice, even to enjoy it, hehe, there’s so much clothing, and the boots are so heavy and tight on your ankles, but after a while you get used to it and then it’s all fun! My husband recorded this video of me and his family going down the bunny hill at the end of the day. Hope you like it!




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