My Christmas Present

Hello Everyone,

I’m so excited to be writing this blog post in English. My husband, the best web designer (and best personal photographer) gifted me this brand-new layout and bilingual website for Christmas.
I’ve been blogging for two and a half years now, and as the blog grew I’ve felt the need to start blogging in English again.
I hope you all like it and continue to visit me for weekly updates on fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle.  Welcome to the new DEBORADAHL.COM


How was your Christmas? Did you get to spend the most wonderful time with family? Did you eat a lot of good food, and got a lot of presents?
We have been in cold Minnesota since last Friday. So far we celebrated two Christmases, one with each set of my husband’s grandparents. It’s been so fun to spend time with his extended family and eat all lefsa I can take. For those who don’t know lefsa is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread made of potatoes, and since his family heritage is Norwegian we have been enjoying lots of lefsa. We still have one more Christmas gathering to celebrate as more family joins us tomorrow. We also attended two Christmas services with lots of Christmas hymns, including a Silent Night by candle light.

Temperatures have been very low, for me as least, and I have not ventured outside much. It should be closer to 30° the next couple of days so are hoping to go ice-skating, sledding and maybe skiing! I’m excited to build a snowman this year.

How can I resist these two adorable pets asking for love?

I will see you next time! Don’t forget to tell me about your Christmas,


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