10 Must Have Summer Items

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was the first day of summer and I’m beyond excited for this season. This is my husband’s and I first summer free of classes. We already took a couple trips and look forward to many more adventures in the next couple of months.

To celebrate the beginning of summer I’ve selected 10 must have summer items from the online store Shein to share with you. On top of loving their style, Shein has affordable prices and provides worldwide delivery! All photos are linked to the store for more details or direct purchase. So check out this list and be ready to enjoy your day in the sun looking fabulous!

  1. Cotton Dress: Lightweight and effortless a cotton dress is the perfect for an outing on a sunny day or dinner by the beach. This is the kind of dress that paired with the right accessories makes you  look elegant and refine without even trying.
  2. Summer top: A carefree tropical or embroidery top is all you need for a flirty casual look to match your favorite jeans shorts with.
  3. Cute Sandals: Weather you prefer a simple or glamorous style, any one of these beauties will elevate your look.
  4. Striped Swimsuit: The classic pattern is in again. Graphic or nautical, striped swimsuits complement most curvy girls, and again give an an effortless elegant feel.
  5. Cover Up: To elevate your poolside/beachside style, make sure to invest on a chic cover-up this season. I love the romantic embroidery ones and the chic tunic styles.
  6. Straw Bag: As I’ve mentioned before, straw bags are not limited to your swimsuit anymore. Take your straw bag to the beach, take your straw bag to the party. Really, buy a straw bag! (f you follow me on instagram @deboradahl you know I use mine all the time.)
  7. Straw Hat: Protect yourself from the sun in style! Two styles are essential. The big dramatic summer hat with a floppy brim for the beach, and a nice style with a firm brim for a stroll away from the water.
  8. Romper: Nice, comfortable and breezy. Rompers are the only thing you will want wear on a hot day. It is also a good idea to invest on a nice black one to replace your LBD (little black dress) on a hot day.
  9. White Denim: No surprises here, nothing says I’m ready for the summer than a cute pair of white denim shorts/pants in contrast with your golden skin.
  10. Statement Jewelry: Any statement piece can up your game, but I must say that earrings are making a special statement this year. Tassels and bables, my personal favorite, are always a fun and cute way to customize your outifit.

What is your favorite must have item?

See you next time!

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