The Art of Juggling

Hello Everyone,

Did you ever have a moment where you thought; “if I’m not Gisele Bündchen I am not going to make it”? hehe.. Well, glamourous jokes aside, the truth is that women live to multitask. We have so many things to take care of that most times I don’t even know how we do it.

In reality, there are many moments when I can’t take care of everything. I always say life is busy, and yet, “yesterday” seemed so much easier and freer than today. This semester is tough! I feel like I’m constantly juggling all of my activities, and I often drop a ball. What I can do is chose what ball I am going to drop. On a busy day, I look around me and I see a sink full of dishes, dinner to be made and books piling up for tomorrows exam. Full days at the College, full day at work. When do I have time to just be? I’ve been going to the gym once a month, and my devotionals come from podcasts while I drive. Today I’m sharing a little bit about me. A little more personal, and maybe you can relate, or maybe you are a professional juggler. I also want to apologize for not posting as much, but I bet you know why! But things are looking bright. Spring break is just a few weeks away and I get two whole days to myself! hahah… everything is going to be alright! We can’t lose hope. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I drop all of my balls and lose hope. After all, life is not a perfect Instagram feed. But I can’t give up! So I pick all of my balls and start all over again. Eventually, I will get it right. Eventually, I’m going to be great at it. That is, til life throws another ball at me. Then I need to learn how to juggle all over again. 

Have a great juggling week!

See you next time!


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