What to do in Central Park?

Hello Everyone,

How are you? I thought with summer vacation I would have so much more time, but somehow it seems busier than ever. How does that happen? 🙈 A couple weeks ago we were in New York and Central Park was one of my favorite places to visit.

Central Park is located in the heart of Manhattan and it is an oasis in the middle of so many sky scrappers. There, you can slow down and hear the birds singing, unlike any other place in town, where the sound of horns and sirenes is constant. The park has more than 50 blocks and is 2.5 miles long, with lots of green areas and different ambiances. Since we were in NYC for only a few days we had to prioritize our time. I researched everything I wanted to visit before the trip. Our tour took about 4 hours, but it was a very relaxing time, with lots of stop to enjoy the day and take lots pictures.

To visit Central Park, I chose to debut the cutest dress from Chicwish. The flamingo print and my favorite ladylike style won my heart at first sight when I saw the dress at the online store. There is a direct link to purchase for this dress at the end of this post in the SHOP THE POST section. I paired the dress with nude leather flats, which are the greatest travel shoe. Nude shoes match everything and create a vertical illusion making you look taller and therefore skinnier. The red bag added a pop of color to the outfit and helped to bring out the red flamingo print on the dress.

Debora Dahl, flamingo dress, Central Park, spring style!

Debora Dahl, Central Park, Spring, Flamingo dress

If you have enough time, make sure to visit the whole park. Since we couldn’t, we selected what was important to us. These are some of our favorite places which are also in a lot of movies.

Umpire Rock: The classic rock location is at the very beginning of Central Park. This place provides a great view of the buildings around the park, and a view of the park with the “Gapstow” Bridge”. The bridge is in the movies “Home Alone 2” and “Elf”.

What to do in Central Park, Debora Dahl

Debora Dahl, Central Park, Umpire rock, Central Park

The Mall: The green avenue was one of my top places to visit because it is present in so many movies. This is were Jennifer Lopez and the senator go for a walk in the movie “Made in Manhattan” right away when they meet. The trees at The Mall are so big that they form a tunnel on the way, which is even more beautiful in the fall when the leaves turn orange. (I have more pictures of this place coming up on my next NYC post)

O que fazer no Central Park? Debora Dahl

Bethesda Terrace & Fountain: The beautiful European architecture has a stairway that leads to the terrace where the huge fountain is located. The terrace has a view to “The Lake” and this is where the scene for “How Does She Know” in the movie “Enchanted” was recorded.

Debora Dahl, flamingo dress

Debora Dahl, flamingo print, spring in central park

Debora Dahl, vestido de Flamingo

Deborah Dahl, flamingo dress, spring style

Loeb BoatHouse Restaurant: This restaurant and coffee shop by the lake are the perfect place to stop and load up on some coffee or food before you keep going. There you can also rent a boat to row on the lake. The rental is $15 per hour, and they only accept cash.  This restaurant is in the movie “27 Dresses”.

O que fazer Central Park - Debora Dahl

Bow Bridge: One of the most romantic places in the park, the bow bridge has a beautiful design and sits over “The Lake”, from where you can watch the rowboats. The bow bridge is in movies like “The Maid of Honor” and “Uptown Girls”.

Debora Dahl, flamingo print, spring style

Debora Dahl, ladylike flamingo dress

Ben and Debora, bow bridge, central park

Debora Dahl, bow bridge, central park in the spring, flamingo dress

As I mentioned, we only walked half way through the park, but there is so much to do and to see there. Like the zoo, the conservatory, and other lakes and gardens. But the best thing about New York and especially Central Park is that it’s fun to visit anytime of the year, since different seasons offer different attractions. In the winter, for example, you can ice skate at Central Park. The Fall provides the most beautiful colors, and during the summer and spring you can enjoy the breeze under a tree and row on the lake.

See you next time!


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  • Eliane Cardoso

    To apaixonada por esse vestido, parece que tudo combina, a paisagem, vocês, ai ai, que lugar lindo 😍

  • Lívia Alli

    o parque é tao grande que tem msm que fazer uma lista de lugares ali pra ver, adorei suas dicas, e seu look, como sempre


    • Obrigada Lívia! E muito grande mesmo! E fácil perder dias ali 🙈

  • Jéssica – Fashion Jacket

    Sou apaixonada pelos vestidos que você usa. Sempre com essa pegada romântica, elegante. Ameeeeei!!

    Beijos ♥

    Jéssica || Fashion Jacket

    • Obrigada Jessica! Eu tbm me apaixonei nesse dai! Esse modelo valoriza muito né? 😘

  • Kaila Garcia

    Que lugar mais apaixonante, morro de vontade de conhecer! Amei seu vestido e suas fotos. ❤


    • Obrigada Kaila! E muito lindo mesmo! Tbm era meu sonho! Uma hora a gente realiza 🙏

  • Pathy Guarnieri

    Debora, esse parque é lindo demais! Acho que é o único lugar de todo EUA que eu tenho vontade de conhecer mesmo kkkkkkkkk.
    Amei seu vestido, é lindo demais!



    • Vale muito a pena mesmo Pathy! Que bom q vc gostou do look 😘

  • Que lindo o central park, nunca conheci.
    Já imaginei as arvores no outono com as folhas em marrom como tu disse.
    Apaixonada, eu ficaria mais de 4 horas ai rs.

    • Eu tenho muita vontade de voltar no outono! 🙂

  • Lorraine Faria

    uma boneca! moooorro de vontade de conhecer o central park <333

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  • Lilian Moraes

    Quando eu fui, eu andei pelo parque todo, nunca cansei tanto na minha vida hahhaa, mas valeu super a pena!


  • Central Park é DEMAIS mesmo. Eu também amei, Débora. Você tá linda ♥

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  • Luana Corá

    lugar lindooooo!
    eu já estaria feliz só de passar o dia observando a paisagem! maravilhoso!

    Guria do Século Passado

  • Jake

    Eu fui no inverno e tava tudo branquinhoooo!
    Amei as fotos e as dicas!
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