A Day in Lower Manhattan

Debora Dahl - A Day in Lower ManhattanOutfit Details:
Dress (Shein), Loafers (AmiClubwear), Bag (Rose Wholesale – Similar) Sunglasses (Urban Outfitters)

Hello Everyone,

Last week my husband and I headed out to the East Coast for his college graduation at Liberty University in Virginia, and afterwards we went on a little road trip to up the coast to New York. We both had been to NYC before, but this was our first time together, and we had a lot of fun sight seeing the landmarks.

We were in NYC for just 2 and half days and we got there just as the a 90° heat wave come over the city. It was the perfect opportunity to debut my new summer dresses and experience New York in a new light, since I’ve only been there in the winter before. For this day I chose this lovely dress from Shein, which was perfect for the occasion, since the dress is so light and flowy. I love the romantic ruffles and the seamless sleeves. I really like to wear sleeves on hot days like that, because they protect your shoulders from getting sunburned. I paired my dress with the cutest loafers from AmiClubwear. I love the blush tone, and I’m loving to style these loafers with different outfits. Blush shoes are quickly becoming the new nude for me.

We spent our second day in the city in lower Manhattan, the oldest part of town. Since we were only in the city for a few days we tried to maximized our time and only check out what was important to us. But there is so much to see in that city, and you could easily spend a day or two walking around Chinatown, Little Italy, and the cobblestone streets of the Financial District.

Debora Dahl in Chinatown
Ben and Debora Dahl, Chinatown
We took the Subway from the Upper East side to Chinatown. From there we walked to the Brooklyn bridge and then crossed the bridge to find Dumbo Street on the other side. It only took us 30 minutes to cross the bridge, but since this was our third day walking, and we crossed the bridge at the hottest time of the day, we were exhausted by the time we made it back. This set a tone for a much lower key afternoon. We walked on Wall Street, visited the 9/11 Memorial, and went on a little boat tour to see the Statue of Liberty with Circle Line and paid $30 per person. The boat ride was definitely the highlight of my day. On my last trip to NYC I bought an unscheduled trip to the Statue and ended up in lower Manhattan on Christmas day, the only day of the year that the Statue is closed! 🙈 This time, we got a great view of the city, the statue, and got to enjoy the breeze on a hot day.
Debora Dahl - Brooklyn bridge
Debora Dahl, Manhattan Bridge
Ben & Debora Dahl, Dumbo Street

Debora Dahl - 9/11 Memorial

Pier 16 - New York City

Debora Dahl, Statue of Liberty

Debora Dahl, circle line boat tour, statue of liberty

Statue of Liberty tour - Debora Dahl

Finally at the end of the day we took the subway back to the Grand Central station so I could get my Serena van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl) getting back into town photos. Unfortunately, walking around NYC is not always as glamorous as we wish it could be, and I was so tired at that point that Blair would’ve been embarrassed to be seen with me. But we had fun and it was so worth it.

Serena at the Grand Central Station Gossip Girl - Debora Dahl

Debora Dahl, Grand Central Station, Gossip Girl, Serena

Grand Central Station

Now it’s your time to tell me. Have you been to New York before? What is your favorite thing about the city, or what do you wish to see?

See you next time!


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