Midterm Week

Hello Everyone,

Today I’m just here for a quick hello! I have a midterm next week and this one is a killer. I’m taking an Early American History class, which I really enjoy, but the midterm is in essay style and each answer is about a page and a half. As you can imagine, for someone who never studied American history before, I need a lot of study time this week. I will try my best to stop by on the weekend. Meanwhile, I’m linking the two backpacks I use for school for you. I love how colorful and stylish they are. My Michael Kors backpack is a different shade of pink, but it is the same style as the one I linked. Because these are both small backpacks, I can’t fit my laptop in them, but I like to carry my pens, notebooks and snacks in them! They are also great for traveling.

Debora Dahl, Love wall, Venice Beach, Red backpack


See you next time!

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