How to Wear a Classy and Timeless Look

Hello Everyone,

Today’s dress is brought to you by Chicwish and is the perfect outfit for me to talk about classy and timeless looks. This crochet dress is an inspiration from a schoolgirl’s closet, elevated with a lady’s perspective. The lace gives the dress its sophistication and the sheer hemline adds a playful finish. We photographed this look at the Ranch House in Camarillo and I think the old Victorian home was the perfect background for such a timeless outfit.


I have 6 rules for how to wear a classy and timeless look:

  1. Don’t focus on trends. Stick to classic pieces, and when taking a fashion risk,  wear that unique item. For example, for this outfit, I wore gingham print heels (AmiClubwear). Although they were not a very daring choice, they added a touch of fun to my outfit without hijacking the classy style I was going for.
  2. A belt cinched in the middle of a dress, or a style that naturally marks the waist creates a lovely shape. I added a black belt to the white dress to create more contrast and accentuate the waist.
  3. A bold red lipstick works every time, especially with black and/or white!
  4. Invest in classic items such as:
    • Jeans and a white blouse
    • Little black dress
    • Blazers and leather jackets
    • Animal Print
    • Tailored pants
    • Mid-length dresses and skirts
    • Collared necklines
  5. Keep your accessories to a minimum, but don’t forget the sunglasses and a woven hat! They can work even with a sophisticated look.
  6. Most importantly, wear clothes that you can be yourself in! Maybe classy is not your style, but you can always look timeless with one of the items shared above. Be comfortable, make slow changes and enjoy the fashion ride!


See you next time!

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